Litel’s innovative infrared heating solutions take center stage at Techtextil India

Technical Textiles

Litel is India’s pioneer in Infrared heating solutions with its own facility to manufacture the entire range of infrared sources their controls and turnkey process heating systems. At present, Litel is India’s premier company offering solutions in IR and Air Impingement technologies. Litel operates in more than 15 verticals, which include, other than packaging and conversion, auto industry, paper, textile, tech-textile, plastics, rubbers, composites, foundry, surface coating, printing, aerospace, etc. Litel is a DSIR (Department of Scientific and industrial Research of Government of India) certified R&D laboratory, owing to fundamental engineering research done in diverse applications.

Prahlad Kulkarni, GM – Operations, Litel

At present, Litel offers a range of heating solutions in electric and gas for Techtextile, including Litel Instaheat compact IR dryers and boosters, Litel Unijet Air Impingement dryers, Litel IR Combijet dryers (IR and Unijet), and Litel Floatation drying solutions. These ranges are used for applications such as preheating, heating, curing, embossing, and drying of water and solvent-based coatings, etc.

Advantages of Litel Solutions

Smaller equipment footprints, instant heat up time, precise PLC-based temperature controls, high energy efficiency and productivity, customized heating solutions and availability of service and spares.

Expectations from TechTextil India

Litel looks forward to exhibiting our innovative and eco-friendly infrared heating solutions for technical textiles and nonwovens at the expo, and to interact with potential customers, partners, and experts from various sectors. The company is also excited to explore new opportunities and trends in the fast-growing market of technical textiles in India. Litel believes that TechTextil India will provide them with an unparalleled platform to network and achieve greater heights for our business.

Future growth

The technical textiles and nonwoven segment in the Indian market is expected to witness robust growth in the coming years, driven by various factors such as increasing demand from diverse sectors, supportive government policies, rising innovation and investment, and growing awareness and adoption of these products.