Indorama India (INVIYA®) launches hygiene grade super comfort spandex, SnugFit™


Indorama India Private Ltd (INVIYA® brand), the Baddi, Himachal Pradesh-based spandex business of Singapore-headquartered Indorama Corporation, has launched an all-new hygiene grade super comfort spandex for baby and adult diapers under the brand name SnugFit™, at the recently held 5th ‘Right Hygiene’ Conference, held in New Delhi, on June 2-3, 2022.

SnugFit™ is an improvised polymer variant of premium spandex fiber, crafted with European winding technology process to provide better comfort without any leakages. SnugFit™ offers effective solutions for the hygiene industry with its – better operational efficiency, wide range of products, adhesive compatibility with leading brands & low creep rate and skin friendliness and safety. All of these benefits, makes it an ideal hygiene grade spandex choice for diaper brands/manufacturers.

Mr. Sandeep Shelke, CEO (Spandex Business) and Director (Indorama India Private Ltd)

“As a global spandex leader, INVIYA® is really proud of its R&D capabilities. Approach of being a strong R&D based company, has helped us deliver this advanced and innovative spandex product in such a short time. We are delighted to launch our new spandex offering for the baby and adult diapers market”, said Mr. Sandeep Shelke, CEO (Spandex Business) and Director (Indorama India Private Ltd).

“SnugFit™ provides a premium spandex choice to the Indian domestic industry, a product which is Made in India. Earlier, diaper brands and manufacturers had to depend on imports for their requirements. It will also support the domestic diaper industry to fasten development and accelerate innovation”, said Mr. Shalendra Vasudeva, Chief Marketing Officer, Indorama India Private Ltd (INVIYA® brand).

Skin Friendly and Safe

SnugFit™ is approved as environment friendly and harmless for human body by OEKO-TEX under Annex 6 Class 1 for baby articles. The product is dermatologically tested and approved for Human Patch Test by SGS Institut Fresenius (Epicutaneous Test for the Assessment of a Skin-irritation Potential).

Capacity Expansions with focus on Specialty Fibers

INVIYA® has planned for capacity expansion in near future to cater increased demand & support Innovation in Hygiene Industry. The company is also at an advanced stage of launching its Specialty Fibers like Recycled Spandex, Coloured Spandex and is looking forward to collaborating with industry leaders on exciting product developments and applications.

Indorama India Private Limited INVIYA®, is the Spandex Business of Indorama Corporation. Established at Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) in 2012, INVIYA® is India’s first “Made in India” Premium Spandex Fiber. Currently, INVIYA products are being used in Air Covered Yarns, Core Spun Yarns, Circular Knitting and Narrow Width Applications, all across the globe.

Indorama Corporation is a USD 5 Billion global conglomerate, headquartered in Singapore, which aims at driving scale, growth and sustainability. The purpose of the group is “Essential Materials, Better Lives”. The group operates across different verticals namely Fertilizers, Packaging Material, Gloves and Yarns & Fibers with 20 manufacturing locations across 8 countries, employing around 22,000 people.