Eva Baumann appointed new CEO of CHT Group


Eva Baumann takes over the position of CEO in our company. Together with Prof. Dr. Klaus Müller, who acts as CFO, she forms the management of the internationally active CHT Group.

Until 2020, Eva Baumann had worked extremely successfully for many years in a leading global company in the chemical industry. She has been part of the CHT Group since January 2020 and, as Group Vice President, has headed the Business Field General Industries at Group level. As CEO, Eva Baumann is now responsible for Marketing, Sales, Corporate Strategy, Human Resources and Sustainability.

Johan de Ruiter, Chairman of the Foundation, is confident: ” With Eva Baumann, we have appointed a CEO for the CHT Group who has known the company for several years.Her many years of experience in managing an international business field and her diverse activities in the chemical industry make her the ideal candidate. In these challenging times, we are confident that Eva Baumann as CEO will ensure and further expand the long-term success of the CHT Group.”

Eva Baumann has ambitious plans for the future of the CHT Group: “We are facing challenging but promising times of change. As a foundation-owned company, we have a strong backing. Nevertheless, we bear an immense responsibility for the continued existence of the company and for our employees all over the world. As a player in the chemical industry, we are also particularly committed to preserving our planet. Having been part of the 2 of 2 CHT Group for many years, I know the character of the company and the people who make it up very well.

Eva Baumann adds: “Together with my management team, I will continue to expand the CHT Group as a successful and profitable specialty chemicals group. We focus on what we have been particularly good at for over 70 years: turning innovative ideas into specialty applications. These ideas help our customers to secure their success and at the same time make a sustainable contribution to development. Our customer proximity and the outstanding quality of our products and services set us apart in the market.

 The CHT Group pursues important corporate principles: value-based corporate management, a high level of innovation and continuous commitment to sustainability.