“Driving Sustainable Innovations in Textile Manufacturing” – A Discussion with Navis Tubetex CEO, Will Motchar


In the ever-evolving textile industry, leadership and innovation are paramount for sustained success. Mr. Will Motchar, President & CEO of Navis Tubetex, stands at the helm of a company renowned for its commitment to excellence and technological advancement. In this exclusive interview, Mr. Will shares insights into the company’s performance, innovations, market expectations, and sustainability initiatives, offering a glimpse into the future of textile manufacturing.

Mr. Will Motchar, President & CEO, Navis Tubetex

In a year marked by global economic fluctuations, Navis Tubetex navigated through 2023 with resilience and adaptability. Mr. Will Motchar, the President & CEO, reflects on the year, stating that while the first half remained consistent with the previous year, the latter half witnessed a slowdown across most markets.


Highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation, Mr. Will sheds light on recent developments showcased at ITMA. Navis Tubetex expanded its product line with the integration of Gaston Systems Chemical Foam Systems (CFS), focusing on enhancing coating and chemical applications. Additionally, the company unveiled the updated open-width compactor (C-2500), featuring cutting-edge safety measures and user-friendly technologies, reflecting Navis Tubetex’s continuous drive for improvement.

Looking ahead, Mr. Will expresses cautious optimism for global textile industry growth in 2024, anticipating a significant uptick in the latter half of the year. He emphasizes the company’s strategic positioning in key markets, including the U.S., Central America, South Asia, Europe, and notably, India.

Indian market

India, a cornerstone market for Navis Tubetex, has witnessed substantial growth and holds promising prospects. With over 300 machines in operation, the company’s open-width compactor for knits and Gaston Systems CFS have gained traction in the region, underscoring Navis Tubetex’s enduring presence and success in India.

As India’s textile manufacturing sector gears up for substantial expansion supported by government incentives, Navis Tubetex stands ready to meet the burgeoning demand. With a robust sales and service infrastructure in place, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to serving Indian customers and supporting their growth journey.

In a competitive landscape where customer choices abound, Navis Tubetex distinguishes itself through its unwavering focus on delivering long-term value. Mr. Will emphasizes the durability and longevity of Navis Tubetex machines, which significantly reduce operating costs and contribute to sustainability by minimizing waste.

Focus on Sustainability

Speaking of sustainability, Mr. Will underscores Navis Tubetex’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. By developing solutions that align with customers’ sustainability goals and offering machinery renowned for its longevity, Navis Tubetex actively contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of textile manufacturing.

Looking to the future, Navis Tubetex remains dedicated to growth and innovation. Mr. Will highlights the company’s ongoing product development efforts aimed at organic growth and expansion into new market segments. With a relentless focus on meeting customer needs and advancing technological frontiers, Navis Tubetex continues to redefine excellence in the textile industry.


As the textile industry charts its course into the future, companies like Navis Tubetex serve as beacons of innovation and sustainability. Under Mr. Will Motchar’s leadership, Navis Tubetex not only anticipates market trends but also actively shapes them through cutting-edge solutions and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With a steadfast focus on growth, innovation, and sustainability, Navis Tubetex remains poised to lead the textile industry into a new era of excellence.