Birla Cellulose’s Milestone in India’s Spunlace Sustainability Journey


Birla Cellulose is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking achievement in transforming the landscape of the Indian spunlace market, marking a significant leap towards sustainability.

In today’s environmentally focused era, traditional spunlace wet wipes made mostly of polyester and viscose, posed a challenge due to its high plastic content, making it non-biodegradable and non-compostable.

In response to escalating sustainability pressures and regulatory mandates, brands and manufacturers were compelled to reduce plastic content in wet wipes. This transition opened vast opportunities for cellulosic fibers like viscose to thrive in the market. Despite being a prominent market in India, the Viscose Staple Fiber (VSF) share in nonwoven fabrics stood at a mere 25%.

Recognizing the potential for Viscose consumption growth, Birla Cellulose embarked on a mission to revolutionize the industry’s norms. Working closely with customers, key stakeholders, and major brands in the value chain, Birla Cellulose advocated for a shift towards 100% Viscose blends in spunlace wipes. Backed by sustainability certifications such as FSC/PEFC and Viscose’s biodegradability, this initiative aimed to create environmentally friendly alternatives.

Through proactive promotion and unwavering dedication, their initiative successfully influenced converters and brands to transition their orders to 100% VSF (Viscose Staple Fiber), significantly boosting the market share of viscose in the wipes segment to an impressive 50%.

This monumental shift not only signifies a triumph for Birla Cellulose but also demonstrates the power of collaboration and co-creation in fostering sustainable solutions. Their efforts have not only increased their market share from 80% to an overwhelming 97% but have also set a new industry standard for environmentally conscious practices.

Birla Cellulose remains committed to leading the charge in sustainable innovation, holding certifications like FSC/PEFC and emphasizing the biodegradability of viscose, driving the transformation towards a greener, more eco-conscious spunlace market.