AUTEFA Solutions’ comprehensive range of nonwoven needlepunch production lines


AUTEFA Solutions’ comprehensive range of nonwoven needlepunch production lines are tailored to meet specific customer requirements. These lines offer exceptional performance, reliability and quality. Needle punching is renowned for its ease of operation, low energy consumption, consistent product quality and reduced operating costs. Committed to deliver high quality products, AUTEFA Solutions continues to make technological innovations to meet the evolving needs of the industry. The 3-level closed-loop control system provides customers with real-time web quality monitoring and improvement capabilities.

At the heart of the system is a state-of-the-art scanner that meticulously evaluates the weight distribution of the finished product. This critical data is used as the basis for real-time adjustments in the crosslapper and card infeed section, ensuring remarkably consistent distribution of the carded web.

WebMax profiling for precision: AUTEFA Solutions’ WebMax web profile control system is seamlessly integrated into the 3-level closed loop control system. This integration ensures uniform web profiling in both machine direction and cross direction, a distinctive edge treatment that would reduce edge-related problems and extend felt life.

As the fashion industry increasingly prioritizes sustainability, the demand for circularity solutions in textile is also soaring. Both consumers and companies are actively seeking ways to recycle “fast fashion” and reduce the environmental impact of their choices. In response to this pivotal trend, AUTEFA Solutions is proud to introduce a range of groundbreaking solutions designed to process and reuse various types of fibers, including reclaimed, natural, and man-made materials.

Key Highlights:

Airlay V 12/R Aerodynamic Web Forming Machine: This cutting-edge machine, when combined with the Stylus Needle Loom or HiPerTherm Oven, fulfills all customer requirements for maximum productivity and consistent high quality. It represents a significant step forward in sustainable textile production.

Wetlaid-Spunlace Technology for Sustainable Nonwovens: A collaboration between AUTEFA Solutions and PAMA Paper Machinery brings together the best of two worlds — fiber-based web forming, consolidation, and drying technology from the nonwovens industry with Wetlaid technology commonly used in the paper industry. Wetlaid-Spunlace technology is the ideal choice for producing sustainable and cost-effective nonwovens from 100% cellulosic raw materials like cellulose pulp, viscose, or Lyocell fibers. In a world challenged by rising raw material and energy costs, this innovative technology offers energy-saving solutions for sustainable product manufacturing.

AUTEFA Solutions offers a comprehensive range of nonwovens machinery including needlepunch lines, aerodynamic web forming, spunlace, and thermobonding equipment. These versatile solutions cater to a diverse array of industrial applications such as hygiene, filtration, geotextiles, automotive, carpets, technical felts, wadding, and insulation. In the premium nonwoven equipment segment, AUTEFA Solutions which incorporates well-known brands such as Fehrer, FOR, and Strahm, is highly appreciated for the quality, durability, and performance of its technology.